Cross-infection control policy

At Dental Specialists Windsor we place great importance in cross-infection control. It is essential to the safety of ALL our patients and our staff.

Dr Sandra Pritlove-Carson is responsible for all decontamination and infection control procedures at our practice.

Please address any queries about cross-infection control to Dr Pritlove-Carson.

We meet the essential requirements of the HTM01-05 (Health Technical Memorandum for Dental Practices). As this is a working document and recommendations are subject to change, we review it regularly.

We comply with the Care Quality Commission’s essential standards for cleanliness and infection control.

All working areas used during treatment and during decontamination processes are kept clear. Areas are cleaned and disinfected after each process appropriately.

Staff training on infection control and decontamination is carried out on an annual basis and any issues are discussed during regular practice meetings.  Relevant policies can be found in the central policy folder and must be adhered to at all times.  Any queries are addressed to Dr Pritlove-Carson immediately.

All staff are trained to wash their hands effectively as recommended in the HTM01-05 document and this is observed and recorded on a frequent basis. Where there is risk of cross infection or decontamination gloves are worn, and are changed before moving from area to area. Hands are washed at the beginning and end of each session and between each patient before putting on new gloves. Alcohol hand-rub is also used at times, in place of frequent hand washing.

We complete infection control audits on a six monthly basis. The results of these audits are recorded and discussed at the next practice meeting if there have been any changes.

The staff at our practice are immunised against hepatitis B, rubella, tetanus, polio, tuberculosis (and varicella, if non-immune). Records of these immunisations are kept in the Personal files of each member of staff in employment on site.

If you have any questions or require any further information please speak to Dr Pritlove-Carson or ask to see our infection control and decontamination policies.