Smoking cessation

Why give up smoking?

The effects of smoking on ‘general health’ are well known and accepted, but very few smokers are aware of the harm being done within their mouths.

Smoking is associated with bad breath, stained teeth and nicotine-stained lips. A less obvious symptom is the massive impact of smoking on the progression of periodontal (gum) disease, which if not treated leads to loss of teeth.

Continuation of smoking may make successful periodontal treatment difficult since in smokers, the healing response is slow and unpredictable due to restricted blood flow through the gums and bones. This also means that following tooth loss, modern tooth replacement options such as bone-retained dental implants are simply not an option for smokers.

Furthermore, smoking is linked to oral cancer, which is a terrifying and debilitating illness, and frequently occurs in those with a high alcohol intake – so double trouble!

Why Dental Specialists Windsor?

At our practice in Windsor, smoking cessation (quitting) advice and support can take shape in many forms, from just a brief explanation to on-going counselling, with regular contact on an individual basis. We can refer for Hypnotherapy and even Acupuncture, which may work for some.

Addiction to nicotine is acute and it can take more than ‘will-power’, just putting on a few patches or chewing gum to totally kick the habit! Evidence shows that smokers are much more likely to stop for good if there is a good support network (professional or family), which also increases the success of taking prescription medications alone.

If you would like to quit smoking but need a helping hand please get in touch.