"I have been a patient of Sandra Pritlove-Carson since April 1990. She offers a highly professional, flexible and reliable service. I personally would go nowhere else; I travel from London to Windsor for consultations regularly to maintain periodontal health." D.S. London

"I wish all the previous dentists I have seen in the past did the referral on time (years ago!), to preserve my natural teeth." P.P. Windsor

"I have been referred to Ms Pritlove-Carson since 1993 and there is always significant improvement. The treatment is very well explained, as were the reasons for the problems I am experiencing." D. C. Winchester

"My only complaint is that you don't have an excellent box! (to tick in the survey). I have been with Sandra since 1993. I followed her from Newbury in 1996 and would do the same again. I have no doubt that the care I get is the best available. If it wasn't for Sandra I would probably have false teeth by now! Thank you and keep up the great work." K. D. Oxford

"A very good dentist - who has saved my smile!" K. B. Middx

"I've been with Dr. Pritlove-Carson since January 2002. I am extremely satisfied with every aspect of her work." J. G. Ascot

"I have been a patient since 2004, I only see Sandra. Having been petrified of dentists all my life, I had got myself into a state; and only since meeting her have I gained my confidence. Amazing dentist and person. Have already recommend family members." Y. B. Swindon

"Excellent practice; I have been a patient since 1999." M.B. Slough

"I have attended this clinic with Miss Pritlove-Carson for 20 years and always had excellent treatment. Her care and consideration have helped me through all my treatments and have allowed me to retain my teeth and hopefully keep my teeth throughout my life." S. D. Staines

"I've been a patient since the year 2000 and am very happy with the service and treatment provided during these years." M. S. Wallingford

"I would not hesitate to recommend this dental practice to anyone. Absolutely brilliant." S. B. Bracknell

"Fantastic experience of the last 13 years, have recommended several people over the years. Not sure what I would do without her." A.M. Windsor

"Brilliant; you saved my teeth!" H. B. Wokingham

"I've been coming since 1998 and if it wasn't for Sandra, I would have lost many teeth, possibly all of them." S. K. Slough

"My main initial concern was professional expertise and that is most important. Teeth still in my head; hurrah! What a fantastic practice you've created." C. R. London