Oral cancer screening

Why have oral cancer screening?

It is estimated that over the next decade around 60,000 people in the UK will be diagnosed with the oral cancer. Without early detection an estimated 30,000 people will die. Worldwide, over 460,000 people are expected to die from oral cancer each year by 2030.

The good news is that oral cancer can now be detected at very early stages, even when there is nothing apparent to the naked eye.

Why Dental Specialists Windsor?

A revolutionary non-invasive screening system for the early detection of oral cancer and other tissue abnormalities is available through our specialists.

This technology is called ‘tissue fluorescence visualisation’. The equipment delivering the technology and allowing examination to take place in the dental surgery is called the VELscope Oral Cancer Screening System (www.velscope.com).

A painless and non-invasive examination with the VELscope only takes between 1-2 minutes. This is carried out for all new patients, and annually for all existing patients, as part of the service at Dental Specialists Windsor.

If you are worried about anything unusual that you see in your mouth, if you have a mouth ulcer which does not heal within three weeks, or if you notice any discomfort of other changes, please make an appointment with us so we can check it out for you.